Design and build beautiful, enduring structures on time and on budget

We’re a full-service design-build firm for brands that value honesty, integrity, and outstanding workmanship.

Eliminate headaches Eliminate headaches
Stay on budget Stay on budget
Feel peace of mind Feel peace of mind

Do you struggle to find skilled construction partners you can trust?

Are you tired of working with contractors who…

Promise no-exception deadlines — then put you months behind schedule?
Assure you of constant communication— then leave you helplessly in the dark?
Commit to absolute budget caps — then pile you with change orders costing millions of dollars?

We get it — because we’ve worked with dozens of clients like you: hardworking owners who are tired of industry “norms” that allow for shoddy work, unmet promises, and endless runaway costs.

Meet a disruptive team that values your long-term satisfaction.

We’re a full-service design-build firm that manages commercial projects throughout the tristate area — and we do things differently.
When it comes to your build, we draw on years of experience, cutting-edge project management systems, and deeply rooted values of honesty and integrity.

Completed projects to date

Completed projects to date

Projects in progress

Projects in progress

Years of combined leadership experience

Years of combined leadership experience

Are you getting the progress
updates you need?

Do you feel you are working with bona fide professionals who take client communication seriously?

Are you confident about
the deadline and budget?

Do you feel relaxed, knowing there will be no surprise change orders demanding dollars you don’t have?

Are you free of
headaches and stress?

Do you feel you can stop worrying about construction details….and start focusing on the things you do best?

These are the pillars that drive us — and this is why our clients come back to us, again and again.

How we can help your company


Starting from the (literal) ground up?

We’ll skillfully shepherd your project from initial vision to move-in-ready.

From the groundbreaking to the ribbon cutting, we’ll be there — so you’re ensured no delays, no misunderstandings, and a hands-on partner who is deeply invested in your success.

General Contracting

Need to repurpose, renovate, or build with existing plans?

We’ll provide strategic, cost-effective construction at every point in your project.

You give us the drawings, we’ll work through the pre-con, and you’ll get a customized plan that’s perfectly suited to meet your most important goals.


Ready to install an energy-efficient HVAC system — or replace an antiquated (and ineffective) one?

We’ll help you install a modern, flexible system that keeps everyone in your building comfortable.

Poorly-designed or poorly-installed systems will create intolerable conditions for your occupants — compromising the entire success of your operation. We ensure a carefully-planned, energy-saving install that delivers customized comfort for every room and every person.

We’ve completed projects as
large as 280,000 sq. ft.

We can tackle yours too.



Why work with ONE70?

You get

When you work with us, you’re guaranteed ONE partner who owns the process and controls it from beginning to end, preventing costly delays and high-stress crises.

Pre-construction coordination done right can save you millions — and months.

We don't just take plans and execute. We approach your project through your eyes— with an owner’s mindset — value-engineering every element to make sure you get the results you want in the most efficient + cost-effective way possible.

We invest thousands of dollars each year in the industry’s gold standard for project management.

Why? Because it means better communication, better execution — and less of your money wasted on sloppy mistakes.

Every month of delay can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why we take deadlines seriously.

You should never have to stress about contractors who overpromise and underdeliver, costing you money and headspace you don’t have.

Our belief: creating happy lifelong clients is the only thing that matters.

We are not going anywhere — we’re in it for the long game — so you’re guaranteed a team that will relentlessly earn your trust.

It’s easy to produce nice exteriors — but what’s under the hood? Slapdash piping and messy infrastructure will haunt you for years.

Our work is beautiful inside and out — so you never have to worry about nightmare maintenance or hair-raising inspection approval delays.

Safety matters — a whole lot. We don’t just talk the talk; we enforce strict safety controls and conduct mandatory weekly toolbox talks to protect our workers’ wellbeing. Which means you can expect an ethically managed project that is violation- and accident-free.